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Kidpreneur, Kylee James launched her custom tees and opened shop for others too in 2021.

Welcome to the world of positivity influence and statement empowerment tees for adults and children.

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It’s more than just a tee! I’m possible is a lifestyle where Empowerment meets Fashion.

Statement Tees, Sweaters and other apparel! Become a walking billboard that everyone loves! Brighten your day and other people day as they read your shirt in the store, school, mall or even around the world.

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Pop-Up Shops

We love to vendor and attend events. On the spot printing and shirt customization. Email Us


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We’re looking for brand ambassadors! Empowerment + fashion. Become a KidAmbassador!


Classes + Workshop

Let us teach you how to launch your own T-shirt business. Learn More

Great Quality + Customized Apparel!

Meet Our Creative Team

Kylee James

Kidprenuer and Creative Director

Kimberly Cosby

Mompreneur and Momager



~ Kylee the Kidprenuer

Best Quality Printed T-Shirts & At Affordable Price!

Shirts and apparel to suite all ocassions. Shop

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