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What is the drop-shipping program?

Creating and drop shipping custom shirts to customers all over the glob! You just need to connect your online ecommerce store account to automate the fulfillment and drop shipping process. This way, while you focus on the fun parts of having your own business – designing and marketing, Kylee will takes care of the rest – fulfilling and drop shipping all your custom shirts orders.

How can I sell personalized shirts online?

Start your own business, and sell personalized shirts online. It’s easy to connect with an ecommerce platform of your choice, and start selling your unique designs on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, crop tees, polo shirts, and other products that fit your brand. Customers anywhere in the world can make an order for a personalized shirt, and Kylee will fulfill and drop ship the shirts right to their door along with customizing your shipping supplies.

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