Be yourself!

You're amazing the way you are!

Hey bestie, If you’re reading this just remember today’s a great day to be yourself! Being yourself is not following others. When following the wrong people you can get into big trouble such as detention or suspension maybe even with your parents. I believe it’s important for others to be themselves¬† from experience! Being yourself freely may mean others might find you weird or not friend-worthy but being different is good in society.

You may not think it’s good or great to be you but I want to tell you being yourself is great. I used to follow and try to fit in with others, but that didn’t end well on their behalf. I started finding real friends or people I can make friends with and I’m happier. I am naturally quiet because I like to observe.

People will accept you for who you are and love you for your uniqueness. Take it from me, I have a few great friends who like me for me and take me for me. Even if you don’t start the conversation you can start a friendship and bond with another person by smiling and saying hi.


How do you make friends?

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